Karel Hubau

Karel Hubau

° 1954
Senior Consultant
Dutch, English, French, German

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Focus on

Organization optimization
Project Management

Procurement Strategy
Outsourcing Vendor appraisal

Change management
Planning & Logistics

Generic approach
Broad view on the industry

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The growing importance of Procurement

Strategical perspective

A cost-reduction in purchasing impacts Company’s return on investment directly via the purchasing cost, but also indirectly via a more appropriate inventory and a better customer service. Procurement is part of the magic triangle for any company: satisfied customers, reliable suppliers and fierce, ever moving competition. Depending on the industrial environment, purchasing takes an important % of company’s spending, e.g.:

These purchasing percentages are growing over the years, due to more outsourcing, outside contracting and focus on core business activities. Procurement has a very direct impact on the success of the go-to-market in case of new product introductions. Procurement = an integrated approach and encompasses purchasing (sourcing + buying) + identification & selection of best suppliers + formal supplier relationships

Tactical approach

We offer a unique tool to identify your internal Procurement Strategies, Supply processes, product portfolio, Supplier relationships & KPI-management ... versus your position on the Supply Market. We offer a Supplier assessment process and tool to determine the right Supply Base, to support your supplier selection and volume allocation process and to implement your supplier relationships. In some cases, this results into a serious reduction of the number of active suppliers, which is not a goal on itself, but rather a consequence of closer supplier-management. We incorporate your supplier KPI-management, the implementation of improvement plans and support finally the forecast, planning & ordering processes. We identify the roles & responsibilities and assist in the set-up of an appropriate organization. Make sure the Supply Market potential is known, identified and documented in a supply Base. Use up-to-date IT support to be capable to react adequately.

Operational tasks

Procurement is much more than issuing orders and receiving raw materials, subassemblies and components The co-operation amongst internal departments, such as development, planning, quality, ... is crucial. The day-to-day purchase-related follow-up and the on-time evaluation on the agreed upon KPI-targets will guarantee a better and better delivery performance with real potential to realize the future (even changing) business requirements. Move from a re-active to a pro-active mode with suppliers.

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Karel Hubau

Curriculum Vitae

Over the first 27 years of his career, Karel has occupied different management functions within medium and large companies.
Since 2004, he acted as a Senior Consultant, mostly in co-operation with the Belgian Stanwick NV consulting firm.
During all these assignments, the focus of his work was on:

Procurement being an area of particular interest; recently a model has been built to assess the organization on its procurement capabilities & processes in their current and future Supply Market. The outcome covers strategical, tactical as well as operational valuable input to the organization, such as:


Professional experience:

Acting as consultant, mostly via Stanwick NV (2004-current)

Management accountabilities in line functions